Resume Reborn Secrets

Dear Job Seekers,

I have been writing resumes since 2001. That is literally half of my life! During the first 12 years, I shared my talent for free as a mere community service with the intention of helping friends in real life and friends on the internet machine. For my first blog post, I decided to share a few resume writing techniques with you which I have learned over the years. If you follow these simple steps, your chances of making it to an interview will definitely increase. Forget the hype over infographic resumes and focus on being simple and straight to the point! Even if you are a graphic designer, please forget about infographics, stick to this simple plan, and submit a separate portfolio to showcase your expertise. Recruiters do NOT have time to decipher complicated or colorful resumes. After all, the master of many beautiful creations said it best “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci. With all the excitement for you to begin/change/develop your career, here goes:

  1. Use the header section to include ONLY the following information: Full Name, ONE mobile number, ONE professional email address, city, and country
  2. Begin your resume with a “Summary” paragraph equivalent to an “Elevator Pitch” explaining your core qualifications and what you can bring to the table
  3. Following the summary, include 10-12 interpersonal skills that relate to the job you are seeking and apply to you. Keywords are enough!
  4. If you have experience, then begin by listing your experience. If not, then list information about your educational background
  5. Think of and list significant information that may add value to your resume. For example, memberships, publications, volunteer work, or certifications
  6. Finally, list the languages you speak with proficiency levels and with no further elaboration

How simple is that? I personally believe that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to resume writing. However, there are best practices. Since I turned my hobby and talent into a business in 2013, I have written over 600 resumes (as of 2018) and I have never received any negative feedback (thank you, God). I often receive nothing but positive messages and goosebumps when clients update me regarding their progress. For example, a few weeks ago a friend contacted me seeking advice. She shared her current resume and I provided recommendations for her to apply, which were similar to the recommendations mentioned above.  The following conversation took place: (name and picture hidden for privacy reasons)

How beautiful is this feeling? When someone contacts you to say “I GOT THE JOB BECAUSE OF YOU”… Trust me when I say I want nothing but for you to get the job that YOU want. Follow these simple steps for now, and hopefully, future blog posts will help you develop a constructive resume that increases your chances of making it to an interview! Meanwhile, please follow @ResumeReborn on both Instagram and Twitter for pieces of advise.

Israa Garatli
Founder of Resume Reborn