I have a resume. Can I send it to you to gather information rather than fill out the questionnaire?

We understand that you are busy and that the questionnaire is time-consuming. However, filling it out is essential to help us understand your background better to deliver quality results. The questionnaire includes several fields that are unavailable in your resume and are required for our writing process. The well-structured process and questionnaire also help us reduce cycle-time and avoid back-and-forth spirals.

I do not know how to identify my skills; what shall I do?

Ask a few friends or siblings to write five skills each about you. Compile the list and select the most 10-12 skills which represent you through the questionnaire.

Why should I pay someone to write my resume?

You may be highly qualified in your field, but you may be unable to articulate your experiences and achievements in a way that attracts the attention of recruiters and impresses them.


The ultimate trick to increase your chances of making it to an interview is to trust an expert. Not everyone can master the art of writing, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Can I fill out the questionnaire in the Arabic language?

Yes. However, your resume will be submitted in the English language.

How do I transfer the amount and when?

Please transfer the amount once you have filled out the questionnaire. The bank account information will be made available via e-mail.

What makes your writers better than other writers

Multidisciplinary 20 years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction. 🙂

What if I don’t like the resume you write for me?

Given that our brand is known for its quality and that we only have the best resume writers, it is highly unlikely that you will dislike your resume once submitted. Rarely, a client will ask to improve a specific section (after all, you are the expert on you), and we happily fulfill the request and make the changes.

I want to apply for an advanced degree. Are you able to write a resume for academic applications?

Yes! Worry not! We will customize the resume to help increases your chances of getting accepted.

Should I include my volunteering experience and workshops attended?

Yes. Please include the top 3-5 volunteering experiences and workshops attended, especially if related to the field of work or helps identify special skills.


Why are your fees higher than other resume/CV services?

Resume Reborn will generate a well-written resume for you by highlighting your key accomplishments perfectly & showcasing small but crucial details to increase your chances of making it to an interview.

In comparison to U.S. and European markets, our prices are relatively low. In contrast to local services, we offer custom content writing for each client. Other services tend to copy-paste existing information into pretty colorful templates and tackle the design aspect rather than the content. Our meticulous service requires time, effort, and research to ensure the best version of the resume you have ever seen.

Our services are generally less expensive than the global market, where the basic resume for non-executives starts at $600. Because Resume Reborn is small and tech-savvy, we keep our operating expenses low and pass the savings on to you.

In what format will my resume be submitted?

You will receive your resume in both MS Word format (editable) and PDF format

I am interested in infographic designs; do you offer such services?

No. We practice and promote traditional resume writing to help increase your chances of getting hired

I have a job interview tomorrow; can you process my resume today?

Our resume writing service requires time, effort, and understanding of your background. Thus, it is impossible to process a request in under 24 hours. Urgent requests are subject to approval and are processed within 3-5 days. We understand the sense of urgency but apologize for the inability to oblige.

I would like to call someone to explain my request and my experience

We apologize as there is no dedicated phone number for our services. We understand that you have a unique background. However, our comprehensive questionnaire was built to capture all the information necessary to help us develop the utmost resume for you.